Beware of Increasingly Sophisticated Malware Infection Attempts

In the past months, malware infection attempts on this forum has become increasingly sophisticated. Below is a summary of infection techniques that I have encountered. With the most sophisticated attacks, common sense and virus scans is no longer sufficient to ensure safety.

"latest wallet"/"custom wallet"/"faster miner"
A newbie asks for the latest wallet, or wallet that doesn't have any tx fees, or the latest/fastest miner, and the attacker posts his in response. This type of attempt Usually gets spotted pretty quickly.

Copied/new ANN
The attacker creates a new ANN topic and posts a malware link as the wallet (or a legit one and changes it to a malware one later).

Replacing links in quotes
The attacker quotes a legitimate post containing a download link written by the real developer (usually the OP or a update post) and changes the link within the quote to a malware link.

Compromised dev account
The developer account (usually responsible for making the OP) is compromised and a "mandatory update" is posted. This usually happens with old/abandoned coins so the real developer isn't there to notice the rogue update.

Packed/FUD executables
In most of the cases above, the malware has little to now detections on virustotal. This is because any script kiddie can pay $30 and have their malware crypted, rendering them fully undetectable.

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